21st birthday

Just hit 21 years old in April.  Did not throw a birthday party, instead just celebrated it with a small group of friends and family. In my spare time I decided to do a review on my goals for 2019.

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I took my time to look at the goals that I have set for myself at the start of the year and realised that I have actually managed to hit one of my goal. In regards to health I have been regularly going to the gym. I am actually currently on a diet and I plan to reduce my weight to 60kg by the end of  July. Been doing exercises to try to cut weight but I have not been losing weight (Any advice will be appreciated). Although I am not losing weight, I do feel stronger now and I have been getting sick less frequently.

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For wealth, I have decided to put a portion of my money into SSB which I have mentioned in my previous post. I have not invested into the stock market so far, as it is very volatile and I want to park my money into a safe and stable investment with a short time frame of 1-2 years at max.

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As for time management, I have in fact been getting lesser sleep than planned. Would have to start working on that soon

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  1. Happy birthday to you. I wish you achieve all your goals this year.


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