Wednesday, 29 July 2020

July Portfolio

This month, I have bought 2,000 Shares in Comfortelgro this means that my price per share is at 1.510, this has become a large part of my portfolio.
I believe that Comfortdelgro will recover in the coming years and I am planning to hold for a long time, I am currently sitting at a loss of 10% right now and I would add more if it falls lower. My plan is to hold on this stock for a period of 10 years however, I would consider selling if there are changes in fundamentals. My investment is very concentrated right now and I would be trying to pick out some stocks, where I am leaning towards US/China market, however I would not be entering soon until things become clearer.

Previously, I have shared that I have received a dividend of $1000. This is the main reason for the increase in my warchest. 

As for my warchest, I have made some adjustment and transferred most of my cash to Singlife, and the rest are being held in POSB SAYE Save as You Earn account and Standard Chartered Bank. 

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  1. Your post gave me comfort. I bought 12,000 at 1.53. Now I have confidence to hold it. I too was looking at their international expansion. Just seems so strange that it is not attracting investors to this counter.